ProCircuit has forged strong and lasting relationships with a number of renovation companies in Perth and currently do extensive work with kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations. Our skill set is not limited to these but with a wealth of knowledge and experience within these areas we are the right choice when it comes to renovating your ‘wet areas’.

We can assist with the sourcing, replacing and installing of major appliances like Range hoods, cooktops, ovens – which we can hardwire in or install dedicated circuits for. 

In addition to the kitchen area, we can work with you to install power for your washing machines and driers and even advise on the placement and location of additional power sources for your other wet rooms which meet Australian Standards.

Not sure where to get started? Regardless of whether yours is a small or grand scale renovation, why not give us a call and we can set you in the right direction with professional advice and a competitive quote.


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